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Logan Chauvin continues his hot streak as a young deer hunter

NATCHEZ — Logan Chauvin’s rifle rested softly on his stuffed frog as he aimed the gun at the buck standing nearly 40 yards away from his stand Nov. 17 in Anna’s Bottom.

It was the same method he used a year ago when he killed his first buck — an eight-point when he was 8 years old.

The frog is a tool that is becoming very effective for the now 9-year-old hunter, and it did not let him down this season either.

Logan Chauvin, 9, killed a 228-pound, nine-point buck in Anna’s Bottom on Nov. 17. He was hunting with his grandfather, Roy, on the first day of youth season. (Submitted photo)

“He’s used (the frog) ever since he started (hunting),” Logan’s grandfather Roy said. “It holds him steady and muffles the noise he’s making with the gun. He’s pretty good with it.”

Logan pulled the trigger once his grandfather gave him the green light to shoot and down fell the 228-pound, nine-point buck he had in his sights.

“I wanted to kill a big deer this year,” Logan said.

The Chauvins had seen the nine-point on their trail cameras before the season and were hoping Logan would have a chance to shoot at it on opening day.

“I was ready to shoot one, and it comes out and sure enough it was the big one,” Logan said.

Logan is an excellent shooter for his age, Roy said, and he has seen great success during his short hunting career.

“He’s only shot three times in three years, and he’s killed three deer,” Roy said.

Logan’s first deer was a 120-pound doe at 7 years old. The next year he shot the 180-pound eight-point at 8 years old. And this year he got the nine-point as a 9-year-old.

Logan is a very competitive hunter, and this year’s deer made him very proud, he said.

“It’s fun because me and (Roy) are always fighting over big bucks,” he said. “I beat the whole hunting club this year.”

Logan and Roy take turns shooting during hunting season, and the nine-point happened to fall on Logan’s turn, Roy said.

But Logan was still sure to tell his grandfather that the big buck was his.

“I said, ‘Please don’t shoot it pop. It’s mine,’” he said.

Logan still had to show patience in the stand as he waited until the buck got in shooting position.

“It actually worked out perfect,” Roy said. “He usually shoots right away, but the deer was looking right at us.”

It took approximately half an hour for the buck to get in position, but Roy soon gave Logan the word to fire, and both hunters were happy to see it fall.

“I was more excited than he was,” Roy said. “It was a big one.”

The buck continues to bring Logan pride, but also the occasional snack. One of his favorite foods is deer jerky, and he still has some left from the big buck.

The nine-point rack is currently in Logan’s room, but it will soon be added to the family Christmas tradition. The Chauvin’s have a Christmas tree made up of the racks of bucks they have killed in the past, and Roy said Logan’s will make a nice addition.

Logan has set the bar pretty high as a young hunter, but next year he hopes to get a 10-point as a 10-year-old, and he also hopes to add snipe, dove, quail and duck to his prey.

But Logan said his hunting buddy — the stuffed frog — is about to be retired.

“He says he is getting a little too old for it,” Roy said.