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Ferriday looking to rid drought

Ferriday — The Ferriday High School football team is going through a drought in its last few weeks with a 2-4 record.

But head coach Cleothis Cummings said it is refreshing to see his players give maximum effort every day as they understand that the season is far from over.

“Their circumstances can’t defeat them,” Cummings said. “They can’t look at their record and think this is it. These guys still have a motive and they still have a will to win.”

The Trojans are taking that will to Oak Grove, La., where they hope to snap their three-game losing streak.

“Our goal is to win these last four games (of the season),” Cummings said. “We can’t look at how many we have to win (to make it to the playoffs), we want to give ourselves a great chance to actually be in there without getting in by default.”

The Trojans have looked upon senior Karl Hall to be a leader and express to his teammates the importance of their last four games.”

“I gave Karl the floor Wednesday to just give his team some enlightenment on what they have to do,” Cummings said. “But they know what is expected of them. They want to win.”

Cummings said the two teams are a close matchup, and he’s counting on his offense to shape up if they want to leave Oak Grove with a win.

“I think looking at offense and defense, we do match up well with them,” he said. “They run the ball pretty well and our focus is to go in and make sure our offense continues to grow, which they have been in the past couple of weeks.

“We need to manage that and keep the ball out of their hands as much as possible.”

Cummings said there were some adjustments to be made this week on the defensive side of the ball, but he expects his players to take on their new responsibilities.

“We focused more on assignments this week,” Cummings said. “We had to make adjustments with personnel because one of our defensive ends is out, so we had to make that adjustment and just focus on stopping the runs.”

The Trojans will play at Oak Grove at 7 p.m. Friday.