School board has some talking to do

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 13, 1999

Why did you do that? It’s the first thing most parents ask when their child does something improper and seemingly unexplainable.

And that phrase was on our lips after the Concordia Parish School Board meeting Tuesday night.

After what was a marathon of a meeting the board member decided they don’t have to explain their actions to the voting public.

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During a five-and-a-half-hour meeting, the board, in a split vote, decided not to offer a new contract to Superintendent James Lee.

While we don’t question the board’s authority to make such a decision – it’s why they were elected in the first place – we do question their lack of explanation on their vote to both Lee and the public.

Lee, who has been superintendent of the system since 1992, asked the board for an explanation but wasn’t given one.

&uot;As a 31-year employee of the school system, I deserve more respect than was shown me tonight,&uot; he said after the board’s decision.

Lee is right. Any employee, let alone one with 31 years under his belt, deserves some sort of explanation when terminated.

In its unexplained action, the board gives Lee and the public reason to question why they voted the way they did.

It’s a simple matter and one that has been mishandled.

If members of the board feel Lee is not the person to head the school system, then they should explain why instead of merely casting an vote.

The public deserves to know the thought processes that went into the vote.

Why did they do that? It’s what any parent would ask.