If you can dream it, he can print it

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 23, 1999

Mike Lazarus labors over a contraption that resembles a Medieval torture device. Instead of inflicting pain the device makes beautiful designs for T-shirts.

Lazarus operates Lazarus Arts with his wife, Kim. His business is surrounded by other family businesses.

The T-shirt printing business has been a two year labor of love for Lazarus. &uot;I started by working at a shop I&160;had at Elgin and have just branched out to where we are now.&uot; Lazarus said.

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Lazarus got started in the print business by producing school logos for his mother’s school uniform business.

&uot;I’ve started in school logos and the business has grown ever since,&uot; Lazarus said. &uot;I had orders from Jackson and Gulfport in the office this morning.&uot;

Kim does ordering and keeps the books. Suzanne Staggs, Lazarus’s sister operates a monogramming store next door.

His mother, Ann Lazarus, operates specialty advertising items line. She’s gotten out of the school uniform business. She has a cancer care boutique with prostheses. She also sells medical uniforms.

It works out really good to have all the family together in business,&uot; Lazarus said. &uot;My oldest son worked all summer for me. (He’s) got $1,500 in the bank. He just turned 13 years old.&uot;

If the door is shut, they know to knock. Oldest son worked all summer for me. Got $1500 in the bank. He just turned 13 years old.

Without interruptions, Lazarus can do 70 to 80 shirts in an hour.

But interruptions are constant. The telephone rolls over to their home phone so that customers can reach Lazarus 24 hours a day.

&uot;We don’t turn down a print job,&uot; Lazarus said. &uot;Last weekend I was here until 2 a.m. making 1000 shirts for Lady Luck.

Lazarus usually doesn’t handle order smaller than twelve t-shirts. &uot;You can do less, but it gets expensive.&uot; Lazarus said. &uot;If you want two or three hats or shirts, it’s better to do monograms.&uot;

The largest order Lazarus has produced is about 6,000-8,000 shirts for the upcoming balloon race.

Lazarus doesn’t tire of doing orders large or small. &uot;Every shirt is money, so I don’t get tired of the designs.&uot;