District stance on discipline refreshing

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 1, 1999

It may seem strange to say something good about something so bad, but following Tuesday’s fight at the high school we feel the need to do so.

When students misbehave, they must be punished.

And punished they were. Following three separate incidents that included a fight and an assault on a principal, 10 students were arrested. Eight will be handled by the county’s youth court system, two 18-year-olds involved were charged as adults.

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All we can say is that it’s about time.

Tuesday’s fight gave us the first glimpse into the school district’s new no tolerance stance on disciplinary problems.

A stance we heartily agree with.

Schools should be safe places where our children can learn. Neither the students nor the parents should have to worry about their personal safety.

After years of living with a public school system that seemed cloaked by suspicion and mystery largely brought on by the administration, it is refreshing to see that change.

By taking this clear stand on disciplinary matters, the school district is sending a positive message that such shenanigans will not be tolerated.

The district, under the leadership of Dr. Carl Davis, seems focused on changing those old labels that gave the system a bad reputation.

As the district’s new openness has shown, often the truth is less damaging than the rumors that inevitably emerge when attempting to elude the truth.

Ultimately what we hope the new stance will do is make our schools safer, more productive places in which our children can learn and grow.