Enthusiasm to make festival grand

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 14, 1999

There’s something about our neighbors to the west that continues to impress us. The enthusiastic folks in Vidalia, La., are getting in gear for the annual Jim Bowie Festival this weekend, and they’re rallying support throughout the Miss-Lou in grand style.

We shouldn’t be surprised.

The inventive residents of Concordia Parish – and Vidalia in particular – have long proven they have gumption, good sense and more than a healthy dose of community spirit.

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From the hydro electric plant that grew from a local leader’s brainchild to a fully functioning, highly acclaimed energy plant to the grassroots efforts to make Vidalia one of the Louisiana’s cleanest cities (and one which has earned statewide recognition), the residents in Vidalia have proven they can make things happen.

So it’s only natural they should turn that enthusiasm to the annual Jim Bowie Festival, an event sparked by the local legend of a deadly duel on a nearby sandbar.

From the Vidalia Women’s Club’s enthusiasm and spirit in organizing the street dance to the community’s curiosity in locating the hidden Bowie knife this week, it’s proving to be a success.

As well it should be.

Vidalia residents have much to celebrate – from their heritage to their community spirit – and we’re glad to see them turning this spirit to another worthwhile effort.

Good job, Vidalia.