Calling on ministers for help can’t hurt

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 23, 1999

It’s interesting how in times of crisis and change we almost always turn to religion. There’s a reason for that.

Religion – in all forms and faiths – runs deep through our community.

It’s something that Natchez-Adams School Superintendent Carl Davis knows.

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We say that because we think Davis did a smart thing Thursday by gathering together a large group – more than 75 – of area ministers to discuss the problem of school violence. It may seem radical to some, but unfortunately violence is everywhere today.

It’s a sad fact that because it surrounds us, many of our children have skewed views of what is considered normal, acceptable behavior.

It must stop, and we are happy to see the administration trying its best to get the ball rolling on the matter.

Davis isn’t advocating breaking the Constitutionally protected separation of church and state. He’s merely gathering support for his mission to improve our schools.

Davis knows that who else but clergy can cut across almost every boundary imaginable – from race to income – and communicate effectively with thousands of residents.

Part of what we as a community must do if we ever hope to better our schools, our children and our community is to build a foundation that believes things can get better.

Only when that foundation is established can we hope to see real change begin to take seed and grow.

Who better to start this than ministers?