Smothers ‘called’ to serve others

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 6, 1999

Natchez High School senior Calvin Smothers likes to help other people.

&uot;Someday someone might end up helping me so I like to help people,&160;he said.

Smothers works at McRae’s Department Store through the district’s Career and Technology work program.

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And he is a licensed associate minister at the New Hope Missionary Baptist Vision Center.

His zeal to serve enters all facets of his life.

At McRae’s, Smothers said he tries to make each customer happy.

&uot;I don’t want anybody to come back (and say) I didn’t like this,&uot; he said. &uot;It didn’t work out.&uot;

On one occasion, a customer came to the store on his way to a meeting, unhappy with a tie he had bought earlier that day.

Smothers waited on him until he found the perfect tie to match what he was wearing.

&uot;He said, ‘Now I feel better, I can go to this program,’&uot; Smothers said.

Helping out customers is a great way to build up a regular clientele, Smothers added.

&uot;I just ask God to show me how to have a satisfied customer,&uot; he said.

Smothers, whose parents, Joseph and Inez Carter, are also involved in the church, has been a minister since he was 16.

Smothers said he felt called by God to serve.

&uot;I had no doubt in my mind,&uot; Smothers said. &uot;I knew he had called me.&uot;

His license allows him to preach revivals and conduct bible studies, he said.

In the past, he has helped with youth programs and with directing services. He also sings gospel music at the church.

&uot;I love singing,&uot; Smothers said. &uot;I love helping people that are burdened down.&uot;

Smothers also leads at bible study at Natchez High School each morning for about 15 students.

Church activities are a great way to keep young people on the right path, he said.

&uot;I have my mind occupied just doing God’s will,&uot; Smother said. &uot;I feel that’s the best thing anybody can do.&uot;

Smothers is considering a career in teaching or counseling and plans to continue his ministry work.