Church group offers moms some peace

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 9, 1999

A new study group at First Presbyterian Church of Natchez may be a busy mother’s blessing. The Fellowship Study Group is open to all mothers looking for Christian support in parenting their children.

&uot;It’s definitely with a Christian focus,&uot; said group leader Anita LoDico. &uot;There are just so many issues that face parents today.&uot;

The group also wants to help mothers deal with busy schedules.

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&uot;The moms aren’t at home anymore,&uot;&160;LoDico said.

&uot;It’s not like when we were kids growing up.&uot;

The group meets two Thursdays each month and will start off by studying &uot;Little House on the Freeway&uot; by Tim Kimmel.

&uot;This describes my life,&uot; laughed LoDico about the book’s title. She works outside the home and is the mother of a 3-year-old and a 6-year-old.

&uot;I think that the whole idea is that we are supposed to find peace and quiet,&uot; said group leader Jeanne Devries, the mother of two children.

&uot;We are hoping through reading this and sharing we will find a way to give ourselves a break,&uot;&160;LoDico said. &uot;I think moms can relate to this.&uot;

The group is also a time for mothers to share their concerns about parenting – everything from toilet training to what to do if your child tells a lie, LoDico said.

&uot;Everybody can share their experiences,&uot; she said.

The group is one of several study groups at the church with the support of its new pastor, the Rev. Dave Devries, Jeanne’s husband.

&uot;His goal is to try to develop small groups within the congregation,&uot; Devries said.

Devries and LoDico decided to form the mothers’ group because they had been in similar groups in the past.

&uot;I just really miss that,&uot; LoDico said. &uot;I miss the opportunity to sit and talk about Christian values and ideals in our society.&uot;

So far there has been a good response to the group.

Ironically many busy mothers say they wish they could find time to attend regularly, LoDico said.

The church hopes programs like this will attract younger church members.

It should also be a support to mothers who may not attend First Presbyterian, LoDico and Devries said.