Bradford shocked by Warrick

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 10, 1999

Total shock. That’s how Louisiana Tech junior linebacker Brian

Bradford described his reaction to Florida State Heisman hopeful

Peter Warrick being arrested for felony suspect last Thursday

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when he and a Florida State teammate were charged with getting

such a deep discount at a department store.

Warrick and wide receiver, Laveranues Coles were kicked off

the team after both were charged with grand theft. Police accused

them of paying only $21.40 for clothing worth $412.38 – a whopping

95 percent off – at a Dillard’s department store. A store clerk,

19-year-old Rachel Myrtil, also is facing the same charge for

underpricing the clothing by about $391.

Warrick, an All-American from Bradenton, has 36 catches for

508 yards and four touchdowns for the top-ranked Seminoles. He

got off to a great start in the Heisman race by catching nine

passes for 121 yards against Tech in the season-opener. But it

was a slithering 20-yard touchdown run in which he reversed field

twice, and had several Bulldogs miss (including Bradford) that

showed how special an athlete Warrick is.

Or was for the first five games.

&uot;He is an outstanding player and I was very shocked that

a player of his status couldn’t keep himself out of that type

of situation,&uot;said Bradford, who signed with Tech after a

standout career at Vidalia High.

Bradford said although there is no excusing what Warrick did,

the system doesn’t help.

&uot;College students are not allowed to have jobs and everybody

looks at us a lot harder and we have certain standards to uphold,&uot;

he said.

Bradford said he was impressed with Warrick off the field as

well as on it.

&uot;I talked with him after the game and he didn’t seem to

be that type of guy,&uot; Bradford said. &uot;He told me to

always stay positive and keep my head up.&uot;

Bradford could only speculate that Warrick may have had some

outside problems, which seems to be the case for LSU wide receiver

Larry Foster, who was arrested and suspended after stealing a

woman’s purse on campus.

&uot;Certain guys have problems and they just get tired of

waiting,&uot; Bradford said. &uot;But you have to deal with

things yourself, nobody is going to do it for you. When you get

caught up in that type of situation, it downgrades the team.&uot;

Bradford said there are certain people who may act like your

friend, but will turn on you in a flash.

&uot;There are people out to get you and and it only takes

one little mistake,&uot; he said.

Bradford said he has never been approached by a booster or

fan about any kind of incentive.

&uot;I’ve thought about that a lot of times and you just have

to be smart if the situation comes up,&uot; he said. &uot;You

can’t think of now, because one moment of pleasure can end up

in heartbreak.&uot;

Bradford earned a starting position at Tech this year and has

14 tackles, one tackle for loss and a pass breakup.

&uot;I’m just trying to finish up strong,&uot; he said. &uot;I

want to keep improving each game so that next year I’ll be even

better with experience.&uot;

Bradford said he isn’t thinking about the NFL right now.

&uot;I’m concentrating on graduating,&uot; said the computer

information system major who has a 2.7 grade point average. &uot;You

have to be disciplined. A lot of guys keep thinking about the

NFL and get caught up in that kind of thing.&uot;

Peter Warrick may just be a perfect example.