Clodbusters take two of three

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 10, 1999

Leigh Ann Mason has been a spectator at the last two vintage baseball games played at Historic Jefferson College, watching husband Matt and the Natchez Democrat battle the Clodbusters of Dayton, Ohio in a baseball game using 1860s, such as no gloves and any ball caught on first bounce is an out.

Mason was part of the action Saturday at Historic Jefferson College as the Clodbusters brought a ladies team to compete against a local women’s team.

Mason pitched for the Clodbusters as both teams were short on numbers because of the weather and the amount of players who could come down from Dayton.

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&uot;I enjoyed it,,&uot; Mason said. &uot;It’s harder than it looks and the rules are kind of weird.&uot;

Clark Burkett, local historian for Jefferson College, umpired the final game.

&uot;The regular umpire wanted to play,&uot; Burkett said. &uot;I already had one of those (old-fashioned top) hats. I really enjoyed. There was no arguing, everything was settled by gentleman’s agreement.&uot;

The three games saw only one delay as everyone headed for the trees when the rains picked up.

&uot;We’ve had some rainouts, but they’re usually close to home,&uot; said Clodbuster coach Scott Treon. &uot;When we are this far away, we usually try and wait them out.&uot;

Treon said things went smoother this third time around, including being more familiar with a makeshift park on the Historic College grounds.

&uot;We’re used to the field and all of the trees out here,&uot; he said. &uot;We hope to come back next year if we can bring enough.&uot;

For the record, the Natchez Democrats (the name of a long-ago Natchez team) won the first game 11-9, but the Clodbusters won the second game 14-8 and the final game 41-23.

&uot;We’re actually considered one of the premier vintage teams in the nation, so the Natchez team can be proud of how well they played,&uot; Treon said.

The Clodbusters will compete in a vintage baseball four-team tournament in Cincinnati next week.