Balloon race sure to delight everyone

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 13, 1999

Most people may get angry if you tell them they are full of hot air, but not the thousands of folks who will be in Natchez this weekend.

It may sound crazy, but those people – residents and tourists alike – will revel in hot air this weekend. Yes, it’s time for the annual Great Mississippi River Balloon Race.

If, by some strange chance, there is actually someone who lives here who hasn’t gone to the balloon race, they certainly don’t know what they are missing.

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For the rest of us, the annual event is much-awaited and anticipated.

Nothing quite compares to the breath-taking sight of watching the gloriously colored balloons float across the mighty Mississippi River or the excitement that fills the air this weekend.

With dozens of colorful balloons ready to fill the skies over Natchez and the rest of the Miss-Lou, the festival is certain to please everyone in attendance.

And although the balloons usually get top billing, the non-aerial activities are sometimes even more fun.

With events like Friday night’s balloon glow, Saturday’s street dance, and of course music, fun and games all weekend long, the balloon race has something for everyone.

And perhaps the best thing is that proceeds from the event go to local charities – from helping to purchase barricades for downtown events to benefitting the Natchez Children’s Home through its children’s festival activities.

It’s money well-spent, both on the sheer value of the entertainment and beauty and on the satisfaction of knowing that you’re giving something back to your community.

So look up and all around this weekend … and enjoy the Great Mississippi River Balloon Race.