Residents sound off on extension

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 1, 1999

Residents of the Beverly Hills subdivision made it clear that they would not tolerate an outlet road in their neighborhood.

&uot;We have enough traffic as it is,&uot; said Mary Warren of the Beverly Hills subdivision.

She and three other residents attended Monday morning’s Adams County Board of Supervisors meeting to voice concerns about a possible outlet road for the Lewis Drive area running through their neighborhood.

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&uot;You will not see a road extension coming through Beverly Hills,&uot; said Supervisor Sammy Cauthen. &uot;We are looking at two other alternatives at this point.&uot;

Virginia Salmon, president of the Board of Supervisors, said the county is pursuing a route away from residential neighborhoods.

&uot;It is very likely that it will not come through a residential neighborhood,&uot; Salmon said.

The entire process of determining a route, obtaining easements, lining up funding and completing a plan will likely take a year, Salmon said.

&uot;As much as we would like it to be done in a month, the reality is the process will take longer,&uot; she said.

County Engineer Jim Marlow said the county is still looking at less populated routes for an outlet road to service the Lewis Drive area. Supervisors voted last month to move Lewis Drive to a top priority project.