Vines wins easily over Ferguson

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 3, 1999

Adams County voters will usher in the year 2000 with a new circuit clerk.

Democrat M.L. &uot;Binkey&uot; Vines won Tuesday’s general election with 56 percent of the vote, beating incumbent and Independent candidate Fred Ferguson.

Vines, who refused to comment Tuesday, entered the race with the hope of improving efficiency in the Adams County circuit clerk’s office.

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Vines received 56 percent, or 6,483 votes, to Ferguson’s 43 percent, of 5,057 votes.

&uot;I have no problem with Binkey,&uot; Ferguson said. &uot;He won the race his way, and I lost it my way.&uot;

In his campaign, Vines promised to streamline office operations to save tax dollars. &uot;All (county) departments need to be able to return back to the county budget so we can reduce the millage,&uot;&160;Vines said two weeks ago.

And this is turn could stimulate economic development, he added.

Vines, a former courthouse intern, also promised to bring harmony to the court house and continue computer improvements.

&uot;My goal is to be the best circuit clerk and work for all the people of Adams County,&uot; Vines said during the campaign.

Ferguson, a two-term circuit clerk, said he was not bitter with the voters and was proud to have served them.

&uot;I’m sorry I lost but there is nothing I can do about it,&uot; Ferguson said. &uot;I thank the people of Adams County for giving me eight years.&uot;

Ferguson admitted the race was difficult but said he did not harbor hard feelings against his opponent.

&uot;I congratulate Binkey,&uot; he said.

Despite allegations of mud-slinging and dirty politics during the race, Ferguson said his campaign was above board.

&uot;The bottom line is I ran an honorable campaign,&uot; Ferguson said. &uot;I don’t know what kind of campaign (Vines) ran.&uot;

But Ferguson did question the tactics of other residents who he alleges stole his political signs and took part in mud-slinging against him.

&uot;I had an awful lot against me because I tried to stand for what was right and uphold the law,&uot;&160;Ferguson said.