Vines ready to begin work

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 4, 1999

Adams County Circuit Clerk-elect M.L. &uot;Binkey&uot; Vines has a clear message for Adams County residents.

&uot;I’m not only going to be the circuit clerk, I’m going to be working to bring jobs to this town,&uot; Vines said. &uot;It’s important that we move this town forward.&uot;

Vines won Tuesday’s election, earning 56 percent of the vote to incumbent Fred Ferguson’s 43 percent.

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Vines received 6,483 votes to Ferguson’s 5,057 votes.

&uot;I feel like the people of Adams County have spoken and we are going to work to make this office a modal office in Mississippi,&uot; Vines said.

Vines said he wants everyone to move forward to improve the county.

&uot;I extend my hand of friendship to the Ferguson family and the Killeleas,&uot; Vines said. &uot;It was a long, hard campaign but we’ve got to move on from here.&uot;

Vines had many people he wanted to thank after the election.

&uot;First and foremost, I give all thanks to God, because without God I wouldn’t be able to do anything,&uot;&160;Vines said.

He also thanked his wife, Brenda, his children and friends for their support. These people were key in securing his election, Vines said.

&uot;There were many people working hard for this campaign,&uot; Vines said. &uot;I believe that Adams County wanted a change. They wanted to move forward.&uot;

He also said he does not believe allegations of mud-slinging were a factor in the race.

&uot;I don’t think the mud-slinging impacted the race at all,&uot; Vines said. &uot;People don’t pay attention to that anymore.&uot;

He said he does not plan to look into the allegations. &uot;The race is over,&uot; he said. &uot;We are going to move on.&uot;

Vines will become the new circuit clerk in January, but he plans to meet with current employees before then. He did not say whether he would hire new personnel in the office. &uot;When we start Jan. 3 we will be ready to go to work Jan. 3,&uot; he said.

Vines said he wants to improve computers at the office and inform the public of office events.

&uot;We are going to be informing the public a whole lot more about what is going on in county government and in the circuit clerk’s office,&uot; Vines said.