Ott gives conservation message

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 11, 1999

Children throughout Natchez received an environmental message from entertainer Paul Ott on Thursday.

&uot;I tell the students that we are borrowing the environment from them,&uot; Ott said. &uot;It is important for people to conserve what is here for the children to enjoy in the future.&uot;

Sponsored by the Mississippi Chemical Corporation, Ott’s traveling environmental education program called &uot;Seeds of Life&uot; stopped at McLaurin Elementary School, Adams County Christian School, Morgantown Elementary and Cathedral Elementary Thursday. In the four presentations, Ott spoke to approximately 827 students.

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Between visits to McLaurin Elementary and ACCS, Ott said he thoroughly enjoys his chance to talk with the children.

&uot;We had a great time at McLaurin this morning,&uot; Ott said. &uot;All the kids knew the song!&uot;

A simple song called &uot;Seeds of Life&uot; tells the message of how important the environment is to plant and animal life.

&uot;It was wonderful and the kids just loved it,&uot; said McLaurin principal Pam Sandel. &uot;And this age group is a tough audience.&uot;

In its fifth year, Seeds of Life is presented once a month during the school year to elementary students in the third through fifth grades, said Jodi Savery, communications coordinator for Mississippi Chemical Corporation.

&uot;We send out materials ahead of our visit so the kids will already know a lot of what we’ll be talking about,&uot; Savery said.

Pencils, stickers and posters with an environmental message are sent in a packet to teachers. Copies of the &uot;Seeds of Life&uot; song are sent ahead so the children can sing with Ott once he arrives.

In the 30-minute assembly program at ACCS, Ott talked to students, sang with them and taught students the importance of a clean environment.

Students who answered environmental questions correctly got to come up front to sing with Ott.

One highlight of the visit was a chance for a group of boys to sing &uot;Old Blue&uot; with Ott – with the boys howling when cued by Ott.

While in town, Ott also stopped at the Adams County Soil and Water Conservation District meeting Thursday evening at the National Guard Armory on Liberty Road.

&uot;Paul has spent a large part of his life working for conservation and the environment,&uot; Savery said. &uot;And he still stays really busy doing it.&uot;