Do yourself a favor … shop at home

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 15, 1999

Tis the season … for shopping. And this year, we should all make a pledge to do that shopping at home.

In the Miss-Lou, at shopping at home means tapping into a wealth of possibilities for creative and unique gifts for everyone on your list.

More important, it means supporting your friends, neighbors and community by stimulating the local economy.

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And, most important, it means helping yourself and your family.

The money you spend on holiday gifts — whether one-of-a-kind items purchased at the dozens of speciality and gift shops or clothing, electronics or even compact discs from one of the merchants at the Natchez Mall — generates sales tax revenue for Natchez, Adams County or, across the river, Vidalia and the other towns in Concordia Parish.

Those sales tax revenues fund dozens of projects and programs — from state to local levels, from education to road repairs.

And, in turn, they benefit the communities and citizens who spend their hard-earned dollars at home.

It’s truly a win-win situation.

So if the personal service, convenient locations and hometown atmosphere aren’t enough to convince you to avoid those big-city malls and all-day, exhausting shopping trips, think about making an investment with both your time and your money.

The time you save by staying at home could be spent enjoying the holidays with your family, or taking part in a volunteer project, or simply just relaxing.

And the money you save, along with the money you spend, will benefit both you and your community.

So do yourself a favor … and shop at home this holiday season.