Love of skateboarding keeps teen going

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 15, 1999

Their world consists of speed wobbles, 360 degree whatevers and ollies. No, this isn’t the latest in the Pokemon fad but names any skateboarder would notice.

Robert Johnson and Joe Drews make up the latest tandem in Natchez skateboarders.

Johnson has nearly a year’s experience while Drews has nine months on the board.

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The 15-year-olds got interested in the skateboarding for the challenge and love of the sport.

&uot;People don’t consider skateboarding a sport but it is,&uot; Drews said.

Each hopes that one day they will be skateboarding at the Extreme games covered by ESPN2.

The two share more than skateboarding fun. They also have received their share of bumps and bruises too.

&uot;You fall a good bit while learning to skateboard,&uot; Johnson said. &uot;It is just one of those things. When you fall, the best thing to do is hop back on the board.&uot;

Skateboarding isn’t an inexpensive sport or hobby.

A good skateboard can cost about $140 for a new board. Johnson and Drews would love to see a skateboard park built in Natchez.

&uot;We really don’t have anywhere to skateboard,&uot; Johnson said.

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