BMX riders enjoy successful year

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 20, 1999

The Natchez BMX Track closed its door on another successful season, earning more honors for local riders and drawing even more interest than last year’s inaugural season.

&uot;Bringing a new sport to Natchez, especially one named &uot;Xtreme&uot; by ESPN and overcoming a lot of misconceptions by the public, we feel like we have come a long way in these two short years,&uot; said BMX Track operator Rusty Anders. &uot;The group of riders at Natchez BMX are among the best on the local area track circuit.&uot;

Natchez BMX was chosen to host a Gold Cup Qualifier race, and in May over the Memorial Day Weekend, held a three-day race.

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&uot;Riders from a six-state area of Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, Texas and Tennessee participated that weekend,&uot; Anders said &uot;The top rider count was 163 with 37 motos. The Saturday race was a state championship qualifier with 1998 champs trying to keep their titles.&uot;

Riders from Natchez BMX turned out some impressive numbers. Out of 26 riders, two of those finished first all three days. Brandon Dees and Clay Evans took home top honors each day. S

Ben Couvillion, Brandon Davidson, Austin McCormick, Zach McCormick, Jeremy Parker, Josh Watts, and Nate Wheeler each had two first places.

Four more riders also brought home a first – Kory Dewitt, Dexter Johnese, Cody McJohnson and Cody Wadlington.

All the remaining riders made their main and finished in the top four: Jake Anders, Carl Bruce, Mark Bruce, Max Byrd, Adam Delaney, Brian Delaney, Jake Fuller, Cody Hudson, Taylor Jones, Chance McClung, John Clay McNeil, Hunter Russ and Brandon Smith.

In August, the State Championship titles were determined by a State Final race. Parker and Evans captured Louisiana state championships.

Brandon Davidson, Brandon Dees, Josh Watts, Taylor Jones and Zach McCormick traveled to Clinton and came home with five state championship titles.

&uot;Natchez BMX is proud of all the riders and their hard efforts,&uot; Anders said.

The track will reopen in the spring of 2000.