Clark’s purpose is ‘to help others’

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 25, 1999

Gwen Page Clark finds the strength to look past her own health problems by focusing on others in need.

&uot;I stay busy so I don’t have to concentrate on my losses,&uot; Clark said. &uot;As long as I am helping others, I’m not focusing on my disabilities.&uot;

After an accident several years ago, Clark, a former nurse and midwife, found herself suffering from seizures and unable to work

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She moved back to Mississippi from California and soon began volunteering in the community.

She is inspired by disabled older lady, Adelaide Sanders, in Natchez who also is taking care of a disabled son. &uot;That is what my heart goes out to. She never complains,&uot; Clark said. &uot;Helping people increases my spirit.&uot;

Clark is active with the local Salvation Army and its Home League, a service group for women. For Thanksgiving, the League prepared and delivered about 100 meals to senior citizens and others in need in the community. Clark assisted with planning and cooking for the event. All the food was provided by the League.

&uot;This is what makes our holidays – helping someone else,&uot; Clark said. &uot;It’s the spirit of God that allows us to be generous.&uot;

Through the League, Clark also helps prepare food baskets and takes part in projects for the Natchez Children’s Home.

Clark said she has a great love and concern for other people and by helping them she finds her greatest joy.

&uot;I believe that our purpose here on earth is to help others and by helping others we also grow and help ourselves,&uot; Clark said.

Clark also volunteers at McLaurin Elementary School. Once a week she leads a reading class for students who have difficulty reading.

&uot;The reason I chose reading is because reading can take you all over the world,&uot; Clark said. &uot;Reading is a fantastic adventure and that is what I instill in my little group.&uot;

She is also a member of Zion Baptist Church and has four children – Jonea Page, Roshea Page, Lydelle Page and Kashunda Page.

Over the next few weeks, Clark said she hopes more people will adopt her style of helping.

&uot;For these holiday season, I would like for each individual to examine themselves enough to help someone else,&uot;&160;Clark said.