Vandalism shows lack of respect for city

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 30, 1999

I guess they’re doing it out of just plain dirtiness.&uot; That comment, made by a Natchez man, pretty much sums up the most likely motive for a rash of tire slashings along East Woodlawn and Claiborne streets late Sunday.

Police say about 10 cars fell victim to likely vandals, who slashed one or two tires on each vehicle in a random attack on the neighborhood.

And, like many acts of malicious mischief, finding people to hold accountable is a difficult task.

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Police have interviewed residents and neighbors and continue to publish the Crimestoppers hotline for tips — 442-5000.

But as of late Tuesday, police had no leads and no tips.

That’s a shame.

Because the vandal or vandals responsible for this malicious act should be held accountable.

The continued disregard for other people’s property that we’ve seen in Natchez during the past three years — from the shooting of downtown storefront windows to the &uot;soaping&uot; of fountains to mailbox bashings and, now, tire-slashings — that hints at a disturbing lack of respect among what is likely the younger generation in Natchez.

In a city that prides itself on community spirit … and a community that prides itself on its tradition, legacy and people … the continued increase of vandalism and malicious mischief is disturbing.

And it’s disappointing.

We encourage anyone with information about those responsible for these latest acts to call the Crimestoppers hotline.

And, we challenge those would-be misfits to take a little more pride in themselves, and their community, and stop the vandalism.