Author to speak on heaven, hell tonight

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 2, 1999

Mary Kathryn Baxter says she has seen hell and wants to direct souls to heaven.

Baxter, best selling author of the book &uot;A Divine Revelation of Hell,&uot; will share her story tonight with the congregation at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church on Morgantown Road.

Baxter said that for 30 days in 1976, God gave Baxter a vision of hell and told her to tell the world about it.

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&uot;I’m a born-again, spirit-filled Christian, and I travel all over the world to win the lost,&uot; Baxter said.

She said &uot;the fear of God has left our land&uot; because ministries don’t often preach the true nature of heaven and hell.

&uot;The truth of hell has been hidden too long,&uot; she said.

When she received her first visions of hell, Baxter said God wanted her to write down that experience and share it so that souls might be saved from that torment.

&uot;I’ve taken this message all over the world to 33 nations since 1991,&uot; she said.

A mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, Baxter is also an ordained minister working with the National Church of God in Washington, D.C. She has appeared on television programs like the &uot;700 Club&uot; and &uot;Keep Looking to Jesus&uot; produced in Houston, Texas.

The Rev. Stanley Searcy, pastor of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, was introduced to Baxter by mutual friends.

&uot;We were talking about the book and they said they knew the author,&uot; Searcy said. &uot;They said, ‘If she’s not busy, she’d come to your church. She believes in saving souls.’&uot;

Baxter will also discuss her book &uot;A Divine Revelation of Heaven,&uot; when she speaks at 7 p.m. today.