Bunch takes faith wherever she travels

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 3, 1999

From backpacking across Europe to riding through gypsy towns on a moped, there isn’t much Evelyn Bunch hasn’t tried.

But through it all, she believes the Lord was with her.

&uot;I pulled some stupid stunts — now looking back,&uot; said Bunch, 76. &uot;(But) the Lord took care of me.&uot;

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The Natchez native, who spends a lot of time reading, said she didn’t understand the Bible until her neighbor, Margaret Rayburn, explained it to her.

&uot;She was my support — all those years of reading at night — I&160;didn’t understand what I was reading,&uot; Bunch said.

Soon afterwards, Bunch joined the same church that Rayburn attended — The First Baptist Church of Vidalia. That decision pulled Bunch into church activities and service to God.

&uot;It’s my life,&uot; Bunch said of her church.

She involves herself in church whenever the need arises.

&uot;I just make my own opportunities,&uot; Bunch said. &uot;If they need me I do something.&uot;

And back in the 1980s, Bunch spent three summers in Wells, Nev. While there, she helped to form a church congregation.

&uot;We went out there, (and) there was the building and no congregation,&uot; Bunch said.

Even the preacher had left, she added.

Bunch, who was a school teacher during integration, also enjoyed mixing with the Native American children in&160;Nevada.

As part of her ministry, Bunch feels fortunate to have been able to reach all types of people of all races. &uot;I’ve been lucky — blessed by God,&uot;&160;she said.

While in Nevada, she and other workers canvassed the area for church members and formed a vacation Bible school.

After the three summers were up, the church was back on the right track, with a congregation of around 150, Bunch said.

&uot;Now they have a church and a parsonage,&uot; Bunch said.

Bunch still likes to go back and visit Wells when she can. &uot;It’s just like going home when I go back out there,&uot; she said.