Generous tradition worthy of support

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 6, 1999

Each year, Natchez rallies around yet another of its long-treasured traditions. This one, however, is a tradition of generous proportions.

For nearly 90 years now, the Children’s Christmas Tree Fund has provided Christmas for hundreds of Natchez area children each year.

The fund, started in the early 1900s by former Democrat publisher James Lambert and a group of Natchez businessmen, continues Mr. Lambert’s spirit of generosity and commitment to the community even today.

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Spearheaded by a group of volunteers that includes Mr. Lambert’s family — and extended family — the Children’s Christmas Tree Fund continues for one simple reason: the people of this community make it happen.

Each year, hundreds of residents make their gifts — from $10 to $100 or more — to the fund. Those gifts, often given in memory of a deceased loved one or in honor of someone special, are used to buy the gifts and food that will be distributed to nearly 300 children on Christmas Eve, with the aid of Santa’s helpers in the Santa Claus Club. This businessman’s organization grew from the original group of benefactors assembled by Mr. Lambert.

For each donation, recognition is provided by publication of the gift in The Democrat. But, for each donor, giving the gift is a reward in itself.

So we encourage you to participate in the Children’s Christmas Tree Fund. Donations may be mailed to Katherine Killelea, c/o Brown Barnett Dixons, 511-151 Main St., Natchez, Miss., 39120, or c/o The Democrat, P.O. Box 1447, Natchez, Miss., 39121.

It’s a tradition of the most generous kind … and one we’re proud to see continued in our community.