Towels spontaneously combust at Eola

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 6, 1999

A pillowcase full of hot towels combusted Sunday and caused a small fire in the kitchen of the Natchez Eola Hotel.

&uot;There was a pillowcase with towels in it in the kitchen,&uot; said Natchez Fire Chief Gary Winborne.

Natchez Fire Department received a call of smoke at the Natchez hotel at 6:50 p.m. Firefighters put out the fire with no damage to property or injuries to people at the hotel.

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&uot;They’d apparently taken the towels right out of the dryer and put them into a pillowcase,&uot; Winborne said. &uot;The towels just spontaneously combusted.&uot;

Winborne said the fire could have been much worse if the towels had been placed in a more concealed location where it could have spread before being discovered.

&uot;As it was, we had a few singed towels,&uot; Winborne said.

Despite the good fortune in this event, Winborne said it is always a good idea to allow hot clothing from a dryer to cool off before placing it in a confined space.