Ferriday water woes need to come to end

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 8, 1999

Will it ever end? That’s a common plea among Ferriday, La., residents who have gone 110 days without drinkable water from the town’s water system.

Few of us can imagine –&160;in 1999 — having to use bottled water for such everyday tasks as brushing our teeth or taking a bath.

But the more than 4,000 people who use the town of Ferriday’s water know just what that’s like. And they, more than any of us, just want to know when it will end.

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And now, town leaders and residents are hoping — once again — the burden will end next week when state health officials come to visit.

Representatives of the state health department — which ordered the boil-water notice for Ferriday — are scheduled to come review the treatment plant, which has been benefitting from repairs and upgrades thanks to a hefty grant recently.

If the water passes the test — something which has proven elusive for more nearly four months now — Ferriday residents may get the best Christmas gift yet — clean, safe drinking water.

If the water levels don’t pass muster, then residents will remain under the boil-water notice and folks at the Ferriday water plant will go back to the beginning in making repairs and upgrades.

We certainly hope, for the sake of Ferriday residents, that the managers and leaders have done their homework — and made the necessary and proper repairs.

It’s time to put this water problem behind all of us.