Duncan Park pro upset with vandalism

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 11, 1999

Saddened and disappointed are the terms Duncan Park pro Marvin Gray used to describe how he feels about the damage to the first hole of the golf course.

The damage occurred Thursday, Dec. 2, sometime between 5:30 and when the police lock the gates to the park at 10 p.m.

Gray usually rides the course each morning but didn’t that Friday. The damage was discovered by one of the early golfers.

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The damage is on Hole No. 1 on the course. It is still clearly visible a week after the incident.

The vehicle, a truck, also drove through one of the fareway sand traps leaving a good tire print.

&uot;The police have photos of the tire track in the sand, golf pro Marvin Gray said.

Gray estimates the damage to be at $2,000. Part of the tire track is up to one and one half inch deep.

&uot;We have to replant grass in the area and fill it with sand,&uot; Gray said. &uot;It will take about two months for the green to completely heal.&uot;

Until the green recovers, groundskeepers will try to make the green as playable as possible.

Crimestoppers has issued a reward for information leading to the capture of the driver of the vehicle. Natchez police chief Willie Huff said that the investigation was on going and that the department had not gotten any information yet from Crimestoppers.

Although the incident is over a week old, Gray is still bothered by it.

&uot;I think of all the 25,000 people annually who play here, the people who have worked so hard to make this course what it is and the people who support this course,&uot; Gray said. &uot;This isn’t a break-in at a person’s house. This is against everyone who lives in Natchez. This park and course is for the people of Natchez from the four-year-old child hitting on the driving range with their dad to the retiree who enjoys golf for recreation.&uot;