Economic development authority needed

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 13, 1999

Yes, we need an economic development authority. And, yes, it needs to be restructured.

They sound like to simple statements, but following through on both is more difficult that it sounds.

The need for a restructured economic development authority was reiterated last week in The Democrat’s online poll.

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In decisive, if unscientific, results, 76 percent of those casting votes cited the need for an economic development agency in Adams County.

And an overwhelming 93 percent of the respondents said the current EDA&160;needs to be restructured.

Those statements are nothing new to the dozens of elected and business community leaders, who have been batting around options and plans for restructuring the EDA&160;for months now.

But we’ve reached the point of action … not discussing … and it’s time for leaders to do something with the EDA.

As an employment agency representative said in a story last week, there are plenty of jobs in Adams County. But workers are struggling to find jobs that offer a living wage.

The difference between work and good work — between a job and an opportunity to improve your quality of life — is the key that is desperately needed to turning around the stability of the Adams County economy.

We must continue to keep the economic development efforts of leaders and the EDA in the forefront of our conversations. And we must continue focusing our energies as leaders, community members and business people on making changes happen.