Resignation causes head scratching

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 21, 1999

We’re scratching our heads, too. When outgoing coroner Hugh Tedder submitted his resignation effective Dec. 30 to the Adams County Board of Supervisors, more than a few county leaders admitted being perplexed by the motives.

Some speculated it was designed to give Mr. Tedder an advantage in securing his state retirement.

Others suggested it might be some type of political statement.

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But most were just perplexed … and left wondering why.

Unfortunately, that seems to be an question Mr. Tedder is choosing not to answer.

And that’s a shame.

According to James Lee, the coroner-elect who defeated Mr. Tedder in November’s general election, the long-time coroner is not responding to Lee’s request for information that Lee says he needs to start off his term on the right foot.

In fact, Mr. Lee said Monday that Mr. Tedder is not aiding in the transition between coroners at all.

That’s a shame.

Part of what a person must do as an elected official is to think about someone other than themselves and put aside personal problems and issues for the good of the people who elected you.

We would expect elected officials — whether incoming or outgoing — to act professionally and set examples for others.

And, we would expect them to provide explanations for their actions.