Christmas offers plenty of sports action

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 25, 1999

OK. so it’s the day after and Ho, Ho, Ho has turned into No, No, No. No more food please. Well, at least for the next hour anyway. Hope everyone got what they wanted, although Ken Beesley I’m sorry you are staying in Class 2A and Dee Faircloth you are still losing 13 starting seniors.

Thanks to everyone who has voted for the Miss-Lou Athlete of the Century.

For those who haven’t, we are taking your top six selections by e-mail or phone (see bottom of page) or fax (442-7315) or even drop by a copy. We’re not picky.

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The voting is going great guns, but there’s still plenty of sports fans (you know who you are) who have not sent in a list.

The results of the voting will be published Jan. 9 with features on the top three to follow.

You must get your vote in by Dec. 31.

Just a follow-up to recent story on Joseph Garcia, whose South Grand Prairie (Texas) High School received a special award from Secretary of Education Kevin Kiley.

The principal and his wife, Patrice (both Cathedral graduates) are expecting their second child in late June of next year.

Christin, 10, is no doubt eagerly awaiting.

Garcia and his wife, the former Patrice Moroney, a Cathedral graduate, have one daughter, Christin. The Garcias are expecting their second child in late June of next year.

NCAA&160;football attendance added nearly two million new fans in 1999, and home attendance exceeded the 39 million mark for the first time in history, according to the NCAA News.

No surprise — the Southeastern Conference led the way with an average attendance of 70,521.

That’s up 1,212 from last year.

Michigan was No. 1 at 111,008 average attendance, followed by Tennessee (106,839), Penn State (96,500), Ohio State (93,456) and Georgia (86,117).

Florida was sixth at 85,493, while Alabama was seventh at 83,223.

Auburn was 10th at 80,905, while LSU was 12th at 78,630 (that’s a lot of upset people, even considering most were probably from other team).

Ole Miss ranked 35th at 46,829.

Jackson State led I-AA with 28,933.

Alcorn was 26th at 11,632.

The NGA Hooters Tour didn’t make it here this year because of the closing of Belwood and building of Beau Pre and probably won’t be back since Natchez native Finley Trosclair is now working his marketing magic with the TearDrop Tour.

But in case you were wondering, Chad Campbell finished at the top of the money list earning $135,176.74.

Campbell finished 13th at the Hooters Tournament at Belwood last year, shooting a 276.

Wesley Short was second to Campbell at $93,211.36, while Jason Caron placed third at $80,424.07.

Caron was tied for 12th at 275 here two years ago.

Mark Wilson was fourth on the money list ($73,289.65) and Zoran Zorkic, who displayed an awesome game here in 1996 before an auto accident set him back, was fifth at $69,860.08.

Zorkic is one of the best personalities on the tour and made friends with just about everyone who came out to watch the tournament.

Scott Fawcett of Plano, Texas won the last Hooters Tournament here. He was not on the Hooters Tour last year.

Scott Sterling, who finished second here, was 77th on the money list.

And Scott Medlin, who set a course record of 61 at Belwood two years ago, finished 19th at $37,247.71.

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