Ferriday schools need help turning barge

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 4, 2000

Solving problems sounds much easier than it actually is. And the first rule of solving a problem is to locate and agree upon specifically what problem exists. Concordia Parish School District officials have completed the first phase of solving some of its problems.

With the help of a team of educators from the district, a detailed report has been produced on problems facing Ferriday Upper and Lower elementary schools.

The team’s findings are wide-reaching and range from a general dissatisfaction among the staff to a need for parental involvement and a fine arts curriculum.

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Dissatisfied staff should be dealt with on the administrative level. That is obviously a sign that something needs to be done. If teachers aren’t inspired each day, how do we expect them to inspire our children?

Parental apathy seems to be a problem many school districts are facing. And it is, perhaps, the most disappointing of all. Who should care more about the welfare of a child than its own parents?

Each and every parent who has a child in a Ferriday school should be thankful the district cares enough about their children to seek out ways in which to improve the educational opportunities available.

The mere fact that the district is seeking to improve itself is a wonderful thing. But to think the district can turn a barge in mid-stream without the help of parents is wishful thinking. Parental involvement should be No. 1 on the district’s list of things to try to solve.

How do you make apathetic folks care?

That may be the hardest question of them all. As one of the review team members said, change will not happen overnight. But apathy can be changed overnight. It just takes a little gumption and desire.