Saint fans venting at Mike Ditka

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 6, 2000

No one takes their football more seriously than a New Orleans Saints fan. For that reason alone I had to go to the New Orleans Times Picayune fan forum just to see the comments from Saint fans about the recent cleaning of house, including the release of Mike Ditka.

It seems at least 90 percent were for the firing. One hundred percent were for the assistant coaches and general manager Bill Kuharich being tossed. A couple suggested owner Tom Benson go with them.

It’s the comments that go along with Ditka’s firing that makes Saint fans what they are. Everybody’s fair game and they are not going to cut anyone any slack.

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Upon one statement that Ditka would open a restaurant came several suggestions. (And please take note that I am spelling words the way they were spelled in the forum):

&uot;I hear Danny Weurffle is going to follow Ditka into a restaurant business… a bus boy!

&uot;Rob Kelly for waiter, Tolliver as the host.&uot;

&uot;I hear Troy Davis makes a mean cheeseburger.&uot;

&uot;Maybe we could have Drakeford and Weary making toast, since they’re good at that.&uot;

&uot;Got any room on the menu for an Abramowurst Sandwich. Danny could call, er grill, ’em himself until Ditka decides he’s not doing it right and takes over himself.&uot;

Some still feel Ditka will get into coaching. Which prompted this suggestion:

&uot;If the new GM and coach do things right, Ditka should be able to have a lot of his former players….CHEAP.&uot;

And then there were just the regular classics:

&uot;The only negative from (Wednesday) is that Ricky Williams’ name came up in Ditka’s post firing interview. I just hope RW doesn’t feel like Ditka was fired because of him. Maybe the deal for him, but not him exclusively. He’s a good kid and more importantly a tough player. He made rookie mistakes (i.e. too much dancing in the backfield waiting for a hole to open up) & Ditka placed the franchise on his head. He’s 22! Ricky will be a great player. I just hope the next captain of this ship can see that and help him reach the potential Ricky has.&uot;

&uot;Mardi Gras came early this year… some irony. Happy King Day everyone! Those from New Orleans know the real meaning of Jan. 6 as the Feast of the Epiphany, which kicks off Carnival. But thinking about it, the real epiphany came a day early when Benson did the deed. We should all toast the fact that Mardi Gras started early this year!&uot;

&uot;Yessir !! I Can’t Wait For Our Mardi Gras Party This Year!&uot;

&uot;Please let there be plenty of fresh air in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. US fans deserve a lot better. Good Riddance to our friends from New Jersey and Chicago&uot;

&uot;Quote of the Day: Linebackers Coach Rick Venturi in the Baton Rouge Avocate: &uot;I kind of knew something might be going on in light of the other things that happened (Monday),&uot; said Rick Venturi, the Saints assistant head coach and linebackers coach. &uot;You know, when you get that first pickle out of the jar the rest kind of come out easy.&uot; Here’s to Vlassic!

Sounds like quite a few people venting.

I think what did Ditka in with Saint fans was the two sign language statements he made to Saint fans during the season.

And imagine that, people in New Orleans being offended by vulgarity.

Joey Martin is sports editor of The Democrat. He can be reached by calling 446-5172 ext. 232 or at