Legislative lunch set to inform public

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 13, 2000

If you don’t think the &uot;goings-on&uot; in Jackson mean much to folks in the Natchez area, think again. The lawmakers, lobbyists and other politicos who hustle through the halls of the Capitol are writing laws, spending our tax dollars and driving the governmental machine that runs our state.

And, although we sometimes forget this most important fact, they are working for us — the electorate.

That’s why each of us should take the time to get involved and find out exactly what’s going on in Jackson.

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And today an event offers a perfect opportunity to do just that, and you don’t have to drive two hours to Jackson. And even better, you can find out about the &uot;goings on&uot; while doing something you ordinarily do anyway — eating lunch.

The Natchez-Adams County Chamber of Commerce will host its annual legislative luncheon at noon today at the Ramada Hilltop Inn.

All of our area lawmakers have been invited to the event which is open to the public. A dutch-treat lunch will also be available.

We don’t know of a better way to hear for yourself what’s on the agenda of lawmakers and to put a bug in their ears about items you’d like to see the Legislature address.

Lawmakers will take turns answering questions submitted by the Chamber’s Legislative Affairs Committee and by the public.

The event is usually the most information-packed lunch most of us have all year.

We hope everyone comes the luncheon to show their support for our community.