Students get chance to try out careers

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 25, 2000

Ashley Bell, 14, was thrilled to learn about cake decorating Tuesday at the fifth annual Central Alternative School Job Fair. &uot;Food, that’s the first thing I thought of,&uot;&160;Bell said. But Bell and about 100 other Central students were exposed to more than just good things to eat Tuesday.

Students spoke with people from a wide range of occupations such as police officers, truck drivers, electricians and military personnel.

Kevin Bates, 14, enjoyed learning about the Copiah-Lincoln Community College Truck Driving School. &uot;I like trucks,&uot; he said. &uot;I’d just like to go across country.&uot;

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Nancy McLemore, Librarian and Coordinator of Media Services surveyed the students to find out what careers interested them.

McLemore said truck driving, hairstyling, day-care work, computer technology and auto mechanics were some of the most popular.

Especially some of the responses from the girls showed the change in the times.

&uot;When I was in high school the only women who worked were teachers and nurses,&uot;&160; McLemore said.

Now, girls are also interested in non-traditional female jobs, like the armed services, truck driving and electrical work, she added.

The students were able to speak with three of the career-representatives.

Each had their own approach to teaching the students.

Students learning about baking got to practice decorating a cake will Eleanor Niven, of the Natchez-Adams County School District Child Care Center had the students sing a children’s song called the Five Little Freckled Frogs.

Singing the song may make the Central students feel silly, but Niven said acting this way is an important part of child care.

&uot;If you can get past that state of feeling silly and self-conscious then you can work with children because they love that stuff,&uot; she said.

People who work in child care must also be able to work hard and give of themselves, she said.