Police, MADD on right track to curb drinking

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 15, 2000

Remember when you were 16? Like the character in the hit film &uot;Titanic&uot; we felt like we were &uot;the king of the world.&uot; We thought we were indestructible.

And too often that feeling leads teens to ignore the dangers of drinking and driving.

The results can be tragic.

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Ask any law enforcement officer about the horrors that can result from people driving while intoxicated and a litany of terrifying stories will result.

Imagine the scene.

Officers walk up the driveway and knock on the door. Then the person behind the door gets the horrible news — their child has been killed.

Such heart-wrenching stories are enough to bring a tear to anyone’s eyes.

Sadly, most of us know someone, either directly or indirectly, who has been injured or killed in an automobile accident in which alcohol was a factor.

This week, the Natchez Police Department along with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) are working to improve the preventative work they do each day.

Throughout the week, more than 2,500 area students will watch the film &uot;Take the Lead&uot; which illustrates the importance of driving sober through a mix of music, video and sports clips. And the film is only the beginning of the efforts to curb the ongoing drinking and driving problems.

And as Angie Brown of the Natchez Police Department said, &uot;… If we can reach just some of them, it’s worth it.&uot;

Well said.