Ferriday girls miss chance to advance

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 19, 2000

FERRIDAY, La. — Call it a game of inches, call it Snoopy’s revenge. But however you slice it, Ferriday’s 50-49 overtime loss was a game to remember. Ultimately, the Lady Trojans could not overcome Loyola’s Alicia Rhymes’ 18 game-high points and a number of crucial overtime turnovers.

Loyola advances to the second round, while Ferriday ends its season at 21-11.

However the 21-13 visitors boasted about 6’7” force Courtney Todoro and the distinction of being the only school in the country with Charles Schultz’s Snoopy as their mascot. An optimistic Winkler knew beating the Ferriday speed was not a fictional concept.

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&uot;Our guards are the key,&uot; said Loyola coach David Winkler. &uot;If we can control the tempo and feed our half-court game we should do all right.&uot;

In contrast, Ferriday’s coach Lisa Abron wanted to play a full-court game.

&uot;The kids are young and are into the excitement instead of the expectations,&uot;Abron said. &uot;They are just learning what the playoffs are all about.&uot;

From the opening tip, the first half was nip and tuck as the teams exchanged layups, missed free throws, and turnovers.

Ferriday’s Torisheka Taylor and Loyola’s Todoro dueled in out as the visitors lead 12-10 after one period. Taylor would finished with a game-high 18 points.

Rhymes would pick up the offensive slack as Todoro was saddled with fouls with 4:00 minutes in the half. Her eight points helped put the Lady Flyers up 24-21 at half. The Lady Trojans were saved by Monique Jones’ six points which kept the game within reach. Jones finished with 17 points in the contest.

As the second half began, Loyola came out hot and extended the margin to seven points thanks to three-point plays by Mari Kantrow and Whitney Rushing. As the momentum definitely in the Lady Flyers favor, the season looked to be quickly closing for the hosts.

But Abron inspired her team as the the Lady Trojans responded with a 9-2 run to open the fourth quarter leaving the Lady Flyers stunned.

As both teams tigthened up, turnovers and missed free throws kept the score tied.

Loyola had the ball with 6 seconds remaining and played for the last shot. But a Ferriday steal appeared to produce a game-winning layup by Rashonda Leonard, but no dice said the men in the striped shirts.

Overtime was no different for both teams as the frantic gym exploded with each basket.

Ferriday lead 47-46 with a little over a minute left and had posession. But a crucial walking call gave the ball back to the visitors and Rhymes worked her magic on the free throw line.

However, the Lady Flyers, up by three missed a free throw, giving the ball back to Ferriday with 4 seconds left. It appeared again like the home team had tied it with a dramatic three point shot at the buzzer by LaShawnda Pryor. But the referees only gave her two points because as they claimed her foot was on the line.