Missionary: Plenty of local work

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 20, 2000

&uot;What would you give?&uot; It is a question Dorothy Dew is asking herself and others after returning from a mission trip to Honduras.

In Honduras, the Concordia Parish resident met a woman who lost both of her arms in a domestic violence incident.

Unable to do anything for herself, a church family adopted the woman and her seven children and cared for them for 18 months. Dew wonders if she or other people she knew would be generous enough to do the same.

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&uot;What would you give?&uot; Dew asked a group of women attending a meeting at First Baptist Church of Vidalia last week.

Dew went to Honduras in January to visit family and also take part ACTS Honduras 2000, a program through the Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana.

Through ACTS 2000, Dew and a team of volunteers spent a week teaching Bible school to girls in an Episcopalian orphanage.

&uot;God blessed me so much in giving me the honor of working with these girls and being on this team,&uot; Dew said.

Through using Bible school crafts, the mission team found they could bridge the language barrier between them and the Spanish-speaking girls.

&uot;(The girls) showered us with things they had made,&uot; Dew said. &uot;Their love and their crafts were all they had to give us.&uot;

Many of the girls had been through terrible experiences. One of the girls has AIDS. Another girl’s mother gave birth to her on the street then tried to give her away to people walking by, Dew said. The priest heard what was happening and brought the baby to the orphanage, Dew added.

Despite the horror stories, the girls were well mannered, well behaved, very clean and never fought among each other.

&uot;In the horror they had lived through they had learned to love and trust,&uot; Dew said.

Although some people may not be able to travel to another country, Dew says people can serve God anywhere.

&uot;You can go on a mission right here at home,&uot;&160;she said. &uot;There is mission work right here in our own state.&uot;