Abundant Life gathers for worship

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 5, 2000

The members of Abundant Life Church gathered Sunday morning in their new building on Lower Woodville Road for almost two and a half hours of praise, prayer and scripture.

Black and white, young and old, dressed in their Sunday finest and their best blue jeans — they were there to worship God, and they weren’t afraid to show it.

&uot;If all else fails trust God,&uot; the church’s pastor, Brother John Collard, said in a loud voice, raising his hands high.

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He said God puts people in situations where all they can do is trust in God to carry them through — a message that seemed to resonate in the hearts of the congregation.

&uot;Amen,&uot;&160;said one woman. &uot;I hear you,&uot; said another. &uot;Yes, Jesus,&uot; said a man across the sanctuary. Others bowed their heads in silence or waved their hands.

At the end, Collard announced that those who wanted to ask God for help and healing for themselves or others, or wanted to turn their lives over to Christ, could walk to the front to do so.

They started doing so even before he was finished speaking.

As they did, Collard and members of the congregation came to pray and counsel with those who went to the front. All the time, musicians from the congregation played the keyboard and guitar and sang of trusting in God and of letting Him mold one’s life.

Spirit-filled worship is nothing new at Abundant Life, which first started in Vidalia six years ago, said church board member Mike Corley.

&uot;They praise and love the Lord here,&uot; Corley said. &uot;They don’t just say it — they show it.&uot;

&uot;They preach the word of God and minister to all our hearts,&uot; said member Faith Stretch, who also leads the Juniors, the church’s youth group. &uot;Here, we worship God in freedom.&uot;

The church also has Wednesday services; four hours of prayer seven days a week; &uot;cell groups,&uot; or small home-based Bible study groups; a Juniors ministry that includes a puppet program; children’s church; and mission work, including mission trips to other countries.

&uot;We don’t depend on ourselves,&uot;&160;Collard said after the service. &uot;Jesus said, ‘If I&160;be lifted up, I&160;will draw all men onto me.’&uot;