McGlothin opponent to help town

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 21, 2000

FERRIDAY, La. — Ferriday’s mayor-elect said Tuesday he plans to seeks a lot of help during his term as mayor. And Glen McGlothin said that includes hiring his former opponent, mayoral candidate Alex Promise, to assist in town business.

By seeking help and bringing the community together, McGlothin hopes to combat division that occurred during his previous term as mayor. &uot;Now, last time I was mayor, I was probably the most hard-headed person you’d ever want to meet,&uot; he said.

McGlothin served as mayor from 1988 to 1996 but sat out a term after being beaten by current mayor Odeal Montgomery.

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McGlothin won reelection this month with 52 percent of the vote. Out of the four candidates in the race, Promise was second with 21 percent of the vote.

During this term, McGlothin said, &uot;I’m going to be a different mayor (and) one thing I’m going to do is ask for a lot of help.&uot;

He said he decided to hire Promise after realizing they want the same things for Ferriday. He also wants the north and south halves of Ferriday to become more united. &uot;It’s Ferriday. The whole dang place is Ferriday,&uot; he said.

McGlothin discussed his ideas with a group of community leaders Tuesday at the Macon Ridge Economic Development Region Resource Center.

At the meeting, Promise said his job will be to support the mayor. &uot;Glen McGlothin is going to be the new mayor of Ferriday. I will come only to serve him,&uot; Promise said. &uot;I’m not calling any shots. Wherever I go I am representing the mayor.&uot;

Promise’s job description is still being developed but may include grant programs, McGlothin said.

McGlothin said he wants the community not only to share suggestions but also to present solutions to the city’s problems. He also wants to select Anna Brakenridge as the future board attorney and said the city has already received five applications for its police chief position.