Texas man injured in plane crash near Roxie

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 13, 2000

MEADVILLE — A Texas resident had a close call Wednesday morning after crashing his experimental aircraft just past the Adams-Franklin county line.

Sean Scott, 41, was traveling from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to Fort Worth in a single-engine RV4 when he ran into bad weather.

&uot;He’s extremely lucky,&uot; said Franklin County Sheriff James Newman.

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After crashing in a wooded area, Scott managed to get out of the plane and walk about 100 yards to U.S. 84 for help, Newman said.

Scott suffered lacerations to his head, arms and leg, Newman said. &uot;(It) was nothing life threatening,&uot; Newman said.

The trees may have cushioned the fall a little bit, he added.

A second pilot, Lewis Croswell, was flying alongside Scott in his own experimental aircraft when the accident happened.

&uot;They got into some extremely bad weather around 10 o’clock,&uot; Newman said.

According to reports, the pilots tried to reach the Natchez Airport off U.S. 61 North, then decided they needed to land right away.

Scott had made a 180-degree turn to get to Natchez but was unable to come out of it, Newman said.

Croswell told officials he looked behind him and could no longer see Scott’s plane so he tried to call him several times on the radio. He did not get a response.

&uot;He knew his partner was down,&uot; Newman said.

Croswell landed his plane on U.S. 84, near Roxie, taxied off the main highway and called for help.

Scott crashed his plane about three miles into Franklin County and about four or five miles from where Croswell landed and taken to the hospital, Newman said.

The FAA is continuing its investigation into the cause of the crash, Newman said.

The planes the pilots were flying are known as RV4s and can travel around 170 mph. They weigh about 900 pounds.