Steele gets top honor this time

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 12, 2000

Earlier this month, Katie Steele watched as close friend Margaret Ward accepted the high points award at the Coca-Cola Swim Invitational in Vicksburg in the 6-under girls division.

Steele, 6, would not be a spectator this past weekend in Cleveland after taking top honors in her division at the Delta State Swimming Invitational.

&uot;Finishing second made me want to finish first more this time,&uot;&160;said Steele, a member of the Natchez Swim Association team. &uot;If I don’t win, then I want Margaret to win, but she makes me try harder.&uot;

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Steele, the daughter of Ken and Pam Steele of Natchez, won the 25-yard butterfly in 30.65, was first in the 25-freestyle and second in the 25-backstroke.

Steele finished just behind Ward in the 25-backstroke (31.00), the first race of the day.

Both girls knocked three seconds off of their from Vicksburg.

&uot;Katie is a very determined person and after finishing second in the first race you could see the determination in her face,&uot; Ken said.

Steele has been with the swim team for two years. She began swimming at the age of three.

&uot;I was scared of the water at first, but once I started swimming it became fun,&uot; she said. &uot;I like to race now.&uot;

Steele, who also plays T-ball, said her favorite swimming event is the freestyle.

&uot;It’s the easiest and fastest for me,&uot; she said.

Besides being first in the 25-backstroke, Ward was second in the 25-butterfly and 25-freestyle.

Also in 6-under competition, Taylor White was third in the 25-breaststroke, fifth in the 25-freestyle and seventh in the 25-backstroke.

In the 9-year-old division, Lissa McManus was second in the 50-freestyle, 50-butterfly, 50-backstroke and fourth in the 50-breaststroke.

In 12-year-old competition, Haley Whittington won the 50-backstroke, 50-butterfly, 50-freestyle and 100-individual medley.

Whittington was second in the 50-breaststroke.

In senior boys, Jonathon Elliott won the 100-backstroke and 100-butterfly, was second in the 200-individual medley and fourth in the 50-freestyle.

Patrick O’Hanlon was second in the 50-freestyle and 100-breaststroke in senior boys and fourth in the 100-backstroke.

The Natchez Swim Association team will be competing in Hattiesburg July 1.