What’s ‘hot’ not necessarily on public schools’ dress code list

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 5, 2000

They may be hot fashion, but cargo and capri pants are definite “nots” on the school dress code list.

Representatives of the Natchez-Adams School District want to make sure all parents and students know what types of clothes will be permitted during the 2000-01 school year.

And cargo and capri pants, along with designer logos, aren’t on the list.

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“We are trying to make sure any one child won’t be dressed any better than another child,” said MIllicent Mayo, district spokesperson.

The changes, which affect students in all grades, are designed to streamline the uniform policy and keep students on an even par.

The changes are the results of recommendations by a committee charged with reviewing the dress code. The committee members also met with local vendors to make sure the new uniform changes will be incorporated into uniform pieces on sale in Natchez.

And, Mayo said, teachers and administrators will enforce the 3-year-old uniform policy more strictly this year.

In the past, the district has allowed students to get away with wearing designer logos on their shirts but that will not the case this year. Only school district logos are allowed.

And all students will be required to wear the same style of pants this year. Cargo pants or capri pants ? both popular with youngsters and teenagers ? will not be allowed.

In other uniform changes, secondary students can now wear the burgundy-colored shirts and shorts must be knee-length.

The dress-code policy helps helps the district focus on its main concern ? making sure students are getting an education, Mayo said. And despite some students’ complaints, not all students seem to mind wearing the uniforms.

“You’d be surprised at the (number of) students that say ‘yes it’s made a difference,'”&160;said Linda Grafton, district technology coordinator.

The first day of school is Aug. 10.

School Uniforms Grades K-12

Shirt: (short or long sleeve) – polo (knit, golf/tennis) with collar, dress shirt or turtle neck. Color: burgundy, navy, white, or yellow&160;(maize) – Central Alternative Students may wear only white. School District logo is optional, no visible commercial logo permitted. The school logo shall be placed on the left front panel of a shirt, sweater, sweatshirt or windbreaker at the area where the left pocket would normally be positioned or the logo can be placed on the left collar of a blouse. Grade of Material: uniform quality. Shirt must be tucked into pant, skirt, short or skort.

Pant/Short/Skirt/Skort/Jumper Dress: pant (with belt, belt loops or continental), short (knee length) skirt (knee length or below), skort (knee length or below) for grades K-6 only, Jumper Dress&160;(knee length or below) Style: Uniform style, khaki material pant/slacks. Color: Navy blue or khaki/tan family of colors of Elder 57 plaid for girls. Central Alternative Students may only wear khaki. No &uot;extra&uot; art work or designs, no visible commercial logo larger than 2 inches by 1 inch on pant/short, skirt/skort/jumper. Wash-n-wear permanent press, wrinkle free. Grade of material: uniform quality. Students in K-3 can wear clothing with an elastic waistband. Jean style pant, blue jeans, denim, sweat pants, &uot;wind&uot; suits, capri pant and cargo type pants not permitted.

Shoes: Shoes must be worn at all times. Shoes with a closed toe and heal are preferred. Thongs, slippers and gang-identifiable colored shoes and shoe laces are prohibited.

Jackets and/or outer garments: Jacket or burgundy, navy, or white sweatshirt, sweater, windbreaker coat are to be worn as an outer garment. Athletic jackets, except for the school-issued athletic jacket are prohibited. No outer garment can be worn that would distract from or purposefully conceal the uniform dress.

Other: Dress attire not permitted includes (1) &uot;patches&uot;&160;pins, or ear rings that may be considers or display lewd, profane, obscene, suggestive or vulgar material, which may harass, threaten, intimidate or demeans others or which displays illegal merchandise or contraband or images thereof and (2) no excessive display of jewelry, no colored tee shirts (only white permitted) and no mutilated clothing.