Ten years later, 1990 ACCS graduates find few changes in class

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 31, 2000

After 10 years, many things have changed for the Adams County Christian School Class of 1990, but some things haven’t.

&uot;The class clown is still the class clown,&uot; said class member Sherry Haney Holland. &uot;Mac Walters is still the class clown.&uot;

The classmates met at Duncan park Saturday for their 10-year reunion.

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Darryl Foreman was sitting under the pavilion at Duncan park surrounded by plastic cups and holding a sheet of paper.

On the paper were the names of the 44 members of the graduating class, and he was checking the names off as they arrived.

&uot;Is that Jay,&uot; said Diane Moss, one of the first members of the class to arrive at Duncan Park. &uot;Yep, that’s Jay.&uot;

Jay Gousett came to Natchez to see his classmates, many he had not seen since graduation night.

&uot;It has been different seeing them again,&uot; he said. &uot;Many I haven’t seen since graduation.&uot;

Gousett said there have been many changes in his class mates since he last saw them.

Gousett said although the changes in his classmates came mainly in girth and waist size, he would like to see the high school days once again.

&uot;I’d go back in a heartbeat,&uot; Gousett said. &uot;If I knew what I knew now.&uot;

Though there have been changes, Gousett agreed with Holland, and laughed, when he said Mac Walters is still the class clown.

But Holland said she thinks most of the class members have changed very little.

Holland pointed to Ashley Carpenter Lindsey and said, &uot;We’ve been best friends since sixth grade and are still best friends now.&uot;

She and Lindsey have much in common, Holland said.

&uot;Our children are only three months apart,&uot; she said. &uot;Everything is still the same.&uot;

Holland said the closeness of classmates was due to ACCS’ small graduating class.

&uot;We had such a small class and were really close,&uot; Holland said. &uot;When we graduated it was like leaving a family.&uot;

After most of the class arrived, Foreman was standing near the playground equipment at Duncan Park with his arms crossed on his chest talking to his classmates.

Foreman was elected class president his senior year and the responsibility for the reunion fell on his shoulders.

&uot;I started working on this last March,&uot; he said. &uot;We got together for dinner last night, a reunion today and golf later on.&uot;