Borum enjoys helping people who ‘need it most’

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 3, 2000

Parents are not the only ones buying school supplies and uniforms for the upcoming school year – so is the newly formed Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary.

Two weeks ago, the group held a fund raiser, Project Apple Tree, at Natchez Mall.

Those making donations to help the Women’s Auxiliary buy uniforms and supplies for needy students had an apple with their name on it placed on a wooden &uot;tree&uot; at the mall.

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Through that fund raiser, the auxiliary raised $455 — and leading the effort was Chris Borum, chairman of the group’s Apple Tree Committee.

&uot;We were able to buy eight full uniforms and a bunch of supplies,&uot;&160;said Borum, who was assisted on the project by more than a dozen other auxiliary members.

Recipients, who Borum said are receiving the items this week, were chosen from families that had already told Salvation Army staff or volunteers that they were in need of help to purchase such items.

The Salvation Army can still use any uniform pieces, such as khaki pants, that the public wants to donate, she added.

Although it was formed less than four months ago, the group has taken on a handful of other projects as well.

Those have included dyeing 24 dozen eggs for a children’s Easter egg hunt and putting together kits of toiletries and treats for children the Salvation Army sends to summer camp.

Borum said she got involved with the Women’s Auxiliary through her mother-in-law, Joyce Borum, who has been involved in getting the group organized.

Chris Borum said the thing she likes best about volunteering with the organization is that she is helping some of the neediest families in the Miss-Lou.

&uot;These are the people that really need it the most,&uot; she said.

To donate to Apple Tree, call 442-0217.