Boards still have two hurdles to go …

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 5, 2000

Looking incredibly like over-the-hill relay runners, our city and county leaders stumbled over one hurdle together last week. That’s one down and at least two huge ones to go.

Adams County Supervisors met Wednesday with the Natchez Board of Aldermen in a hastily called meeting to hash out details of how the two boards will work together on the reconstruction of Government Fleet Road.

While the meeting wasn’t quite peaceful, and questionably public, at least it seemed fairly productive.

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After more than an hour of debate and with lots of tension in the air, the two boards agreed to evenly split the cost of the road project if an anticipated grant falls through.

We only wish they would have let us all know in time to make sure the public had the opportunity to attend the meeting.

While the meeting show progress, the decision about the road project should have been a no-brainer. It should have been a simple matter of the two sides working the issue out without much fuss.

When we think of the same two boards trying to come to a consensus on the really tough issues, such as how to revamp our economic development authority and how to handle the issue of appointed versus elected school board members, a twinge of fear runs through our mind.

Both boards need to double their efforts on getting along and getting something accomplished. Each of their members need to realize the point of their jobs as public servants is to help improve our county and city — not merely keep the status quo.

So we’ve got one issue down.

Now let’s move ahead and begin to resolve the two other issues that have been lingering for years.

We know we can make it across the next two hurdles. We just need to work together as a team.