Future may depend on revamped EDA

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 9, 2000

Tag, you’re it. We were reminded of the familiar phrase from a children’s game Tuesday after the Natchez aldermen tossed their proposal for revamping our area’s economic development authority to the county.

The hope of late was that, if the city and county could agree upon a plan, the state Legislature might be able to vote on the issue in special session later this month. Gov. Ronnie Musgrove has all but said that’s not going to happen. Musgrove has the final say on which bills can come up for discussion in the special session. On Wednesday the governor said &uot;more than a hundred&uot; similar requests have also been placed on his desk. &uot;We’re staying focused&uot; on his own statewide economic development push, he said.

Legislative approval is needed to change the Natchez-Adams County Economic and Community Development Authority since it was created by local and private legislation.

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And we’ve talked about, fought over and discussed how to revamp the EDA for more than one year.

With the chance of getting the legislation passed in this special session unlikely, we hope our city and county leaders will use the next few months to get some things accomplished.

First, we need to have a bit more &uot;togetherness&uot; on the issue. At Monday’s Adams County Board of Supervisors’ meeting, supervisors discussed, then dismissed, the idea of renaming the authority.

What difference does it make what we call it?

It seems to us this is the least of our concerns. The potential jobs the authority may create will have benefit to every resident in the city and county regardless of the name of the responsible agency.

Second, while they’re working out some of these issues city and county leaders should double their efforts to recruit a proven, professional executive director for our economic development authority. Our future depends on our complete cooperation with one another, and we need to begin now.