Wedding showers a part of life at Grace United Methodist

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 21, 2000

Amy Carter sat flanked by her mother and grandmother Sunday afternoon, a bit overwhelmed by all the attention.

&uot;It’s very fun,&uot; she said with a smile, temporarily ignoring the brightly wrapped present in her lap.

For more than 30 minutes, the newlywed opened the dozens of gifts given by well-wishers who were unable to attend her shower.

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Her mother, Gwen Bell, sat beside Amy, taking meticulous notes for the thank-yous to be written later.

&uot;That’s another nice pot,&uot; said hostess Jean Jones, explaining as she put the gift on the display table that a young bride can use several different pots in her kitchen.

The young Mrs. Carter nodded in agreement as she turned her attention to the next gift handed to her, awed by the attention and perhaps a little unaware of the tradition of this moment.

The ladies of Grace United Methodist Church have been hosting showers for young brides for as long as Karen Callaway can remember.

&uot;We always have something for the couple. Sometimes either the bride or groom is a member of the church, sometimes it’s a parent, in this case, it’s a grandparent,&uot; Callaway said, referring to Virginia Floyd, whose grandson Chris Carter married the former Amy Bell on June 17.

&uot;I can remember when we had Kathy Zuccaro’s shower,&uot; Callaway said, nodding toward another of this day’s hostesses.

&uot;I’d say we’ve done 2 million of these,&uot; Jackie Wade said jokingly. &uot;We do it every time there is a wedding.&uot;

Jokes aside, hosting the shower is a gift these women are committed to sharing.

Always a&160;joint effort – 13 hostesses helped with Sunday’s shower – the parties are a way of sharing a special time with church members, and a way of sharing spirit and blessings.

&uot;We really enjoy doing this,&uot; said Margaret Brown, another hostess. explaining that the women share responsibilities and the workload. Along with Callaway, Brown, Zuccaro, Wade and Jones, hostesses Sunday included Judy Lann, Helen Ellis, Gaynell Whitney, Marty Tuccio, Delores Porter, Paige Dean, Nancy McCullom and Nina Wilson.

In a small church – members total some 200 families – the women’s efforts never go unappreciated.

&uot;Every time somebody’s child or grandchild gets married, these sweet girls do this,&uot; Floyd said.