‘Success Express’ focuses on education

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 30, 2000

After spending Monday heading through Louisiana, the &uot;Success Express&uot; rolled through Mississippi Tuesday bringing a national focus on education.

The &uot;Success Express&uot; is a big, bright yellow &uot;school bus&uot; with the U.S. Secretary of Education, Richard Riley, on board.

Riley is touring through the Mississippi Delta this week in an effort to gather a few facts and raise the level of awareness on the importance of our educational system.

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The tour is a great way for the secretary to get a firsthand look at our educational system in action — or in some cases inaction.

Tuesday Riley talked about the importance of things such as reducing classroom size and forming community partnerships.

The good news is that both ideas are things administrators with the Natchez-Adams School District either have in place or are working to put in place.

Natchez-Adams, Concordia Parish and area private and parochial schools have had great success in community partnership projects such as the Adopt-A-School and Junior Achievement programs.

Here in Natchez, Superintendent Dr. Carl Davis has been telling of the importance of reducing class size since he first began his tenure.

Through continued hard work and effort we can find our own version of the &uot;Success Express&uot; by continually improving our educational system and insisting on the best possible education for all of our children.