‘Gigantic’foe faces Trinity

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 1, 2000

After victories in its first two games of the season, the Trinity Saints may be running into a &uot;gigantic&uot; wall tonight, literally.

Trinity coach David King said the Saints will face massive offensive and defensive lines when they play Wilkinson County Christian Academy at 7:30 p.m. today.

Four of the players on WCCA’s defensive line weigh more than 275 pounds and one, Eric June, tops 300.

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&uot;It is a big offensive and defensive line,&uot; King said. &uot;They are just gigantic.&uot;

The largest player on Trinity’s roster is Scott Sternberg, 6 foot three inches, 260 pounds, but he is the only player that weighs more than 200 pounds.

To King the game plan is simple, throw the football.

&uot;We have to believe we can’t run the ball on them,&uot; he said. &uot;So we will spread it out.&uot;

But the size of WCCA’s line may also provide an advantage for King.

&uot;If we can stay with them until the fourth quarter, we have a chance,&uot; King said. &uot;The big kids tend to tire out faster than the smaller ones.&uot;

This is not a district game for Trinity — WCCA is a 2A school — so King said he just wants to make the game competitive.

King said WCCA will bring a power runing game to Natchez on Friday night.

&uot;We have to stop the power running game,&uot; King said. &uot;But we are outweighed on the line by about 80 pounds. We have to say ‘can we stop the run.’&uot;

So far this season, King said his defensive performance has been good.

&uot;I have been pleased with the defense’s ability to attack,&uot; King said.

The attacking defense may come in handy this early in the season, King said, because most teams are better defensively now than they are on offense.

&uot;Every defense is ahead of the offenses right now,&uot; King said. &uot;The offenses will come around soon.&uot;

Though King said he is not looking ahead to next week’s district match against Chamberlain-Hunt Academy, he is hoping to make it there with a full roster.

&uot;I just hope we keep it competitive and get out injury-free,&uot; King said. &uot;If we stay in the game and stay focused, we may have a chance.&uot;