High temps breaking area records

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 1, 2000

Recent record-breaking temperatures in the Miss-Lou have prompted Natchez’s Johns-Mansville to shut down for a week and Entergy to ask customers to conserve energy.

Johns-Mansville’s 143 employees will be sent home until Sept. 7 to avoid the heat, according to Carol Dillon, plant service manager.

Dillon said it is the first time the roofing construction plant has had to shut down because of the heat.

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&uot;We don’t want to get anybody hurt,&uot; she said. &uot;Every person in the plant has the heat to deal with.&uot;

Thursday’s temperature hit 104 — a record which stood at 103 since 1951 — and Entergy is asking customer to conserve energy until the high temperatures subside.

Entergy officials said the extreme heat has caused a record demand for energy. Temperatures throughout Entergy’s four-state service area averaged 103 degrees Wednesday.

Throughout Mississippi temperatures reached record highs, including in Jackson where temperatures reached an all-time high of 107 Thursday.

Entergy will curtail supplying certain industrial and wholesale customers energy if it is necessary, officials said.

Though the temperatures may be high, Chad Entremont, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said no heat advisories are being issued because of low humidity.

&uot;The humidity is low enough that the temperatures cool off at night,&uot; Entremont said. &uot;It’s like desert heat.&uot;

Temperatures fall to the mid-70s at night, Entremont said.

Now, with humidity levels at about 20 percent, the heat index is only about 1 degree more than the actual temperature. If heat indices rise to 110 or more, the National Weather Service will issue a heat advisory, Entremont said.

A heat advisory means the heat index has reached a dangerous level and people are asked to curtail outdoor activities, Entremont said.